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With the happiness of the new year, many people all over the world resolve to make some changes in their lives. Somewhere in the top 10  are the following resolutions: “spending more time with God”,’ kicking a bad habit (smoking, drinking, shopping, etc.), and  last but not least, LOSE WEIGHT or take better care of their health.  Ironically, the same people seem to make the same resolutions every year which is evident that somewhere shortly after January 31st, they fell off of the “resolution” bandwagon. Well, this year, I challenge each of you to stop making the same resolutions each year. Accomplish what you resolve to do in 2013 so you can set some new goals for 2014. Setting realistic obtainable goals each year is fine as long as it lines up with God’s will. However, change of any sort takes self-discipline and perseverance through the power of the Holy Spirit to get there. Faith without works is dead (James 2:17). Simply saying “I need to lose weight” is nothing without the works needed to get there.  Understanding that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit reminds us that we have to be good stewards of our bodies as we are stewards over everything else that God has given us authority over.  Currently Mississippi is leading the nation in obesity with approximately 35% of the state being obese (BMI above 30). This is a major health concern as obesity is linked to many serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and many orthopedic conditions to name a few. The GOOD NEWS is we have the POWER to change this through obedience and self-discipline to healthier lifestyle practices. With that being said, members of the NMCCC choir have taken the leap of faith in unity to become better stewards of the body in a new 12 week weight loss challenge. The goal is to promote healthier lifestyle practices that will help our fellow sisters and brothers live a healthy wholesome life free of chronic conditions that can be directly linked to poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and/or stress. Each monthly newsletter will feature the progress of those on this weight loss journey. Prayerfully, the end results of a newly refined temple will be inspirational enough to inspire others to be better stewards of their body as well. I can do ALL things through Christ who gives ME strength (Phil 4:13).!!! Be Blessed!

Kanisha L. Meaders, FNP-BC


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Exercise Schedule:

Mondays @ 6pm

Wednesdays (2classes)

1st Class @ 5:15pm

2nd Class @ 6pm

Saturdays @ 11am***

***All classes are held in the Nursery, located in the Family Life Center!***